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Up and At ‘Em: A Keto Breakfast

I have never been one to eat breakfast. I was never hungry in the mornings; if I did eat breakfast, it was usually something I could take with me like a granola bar or pop tarts.  Even on the weekends, brunch is the closest I get to what’s often referred to as “the most important meal of the day”.

Since starting Keto (been about a month now!), I have been RAVENOUSLY hungry in the mornings. I was getting tired of eating eggs and bacon (hilarious, right?); I wanted to change it up.

And then a memory hit me.

Way Back When…

When baby Cait was out of school for the summer, my family and I would take vacations to Port Aransas, a little coastal town on the Gulf about 4 hours south of Austin.

I loved that town. I thought island life was so cool and interesting with its vibrant colors, amazing food, and briny sea air.

Plus, the best candy shop in the entire world is there.

Man, I wanted to live there. I think my desire to live in a quiet little coastal town comes from that time in my life. The next place I want to live is Washington (ideally in one of these amazing little coastal towns) because of this desire.


We only ate a certain breakfast in Port Aransas: Sausage Balls. It’s the perfect vacation breakfast because you don’t have to buy many groceries and the recipe yields over a dozen sausage balls- which was plenty in our case. 30 minutes and we had breakfast for the entire trip.

The recipe I found is from Keto Size Me, so it is a low carb version, but it tastes just like I remember!  If you don’t want to use almond flour, use Bisquick.

Sausage balls are cheap, easy to make, heat up well, and are open to several different variations in regards to flavor.

So far, I have made these twice- once with Cheddar cheese (pictured above), and the second with Mozzarella and maple breakfast sausage (they taste like freakin’ McGriddles, you guys!).  In 25-30 minutes total, you will have a delicious filling breakfast that you can eat at home or on the go for the entire week…if you don’t eat them all the first day. 🙂


That’s all for me this week. As always…


I’ll see you at the dinner table.

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