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[Food and Culture] The Story Behind the Name “Manifest Recipe”

Welcome to this week’s Food & Culture post! This week I answer a question that has come up a few times…

What’s in a Name?

People have asked me about how I came up with the name Manifest Recipe.

I have to admit…I didn’t come up with it at all. My boyfriend did. He was helping me brainstorm ideas for names one night and boom, he said it:”Manifest Recipe”.

I loved it. I thought it rolled off the tongue, it was unique and short enough to remember. So there it was.

Since then…

I have realized that many have interpreted the word “manifest” to be in the most common form of the word:

A document giving comprehensive details of a ship and its cargo and other contents, passengers, and crew for the use of customs officers.

I understand how the name might require some explanation if that’s how you interpreted it.

I Give You… Clarity!

If I learned anything getting an English degree it’s that most things are open to interpretation: movies, music, books. You can add your personality to anything. This includes recipes and food.

I’ve never been one to make up my own recipes; I marvel at people who can do that. This fact is largely why I share other bloggers’ recipes- I love making what other people come up with because I am not skilled in coming up with recipes on my own. I can tweak other people’s recipes, adding some of my personality to it that way, but it’s not really my vision.

By sharing all of these other bloggers’ recipes, The Manifest Recipe started becoming something of a list- referring back to the more commonly interpreted sense of the word “manifest” (except of recording lists of passengers, I’m recording a list of food).

At a basic level, I interpret my title almost literally to mean “A List of Recipes” . There is also an actual manifest, if you will, on my Featured Recipes page.

Even with all the changes this blog has gone through, I still think the name works.

A Further Manifestation

(adj) Readily perceived by the eye or the understanding

Ex: a manifest error.

is another way to define the word, “manifest”. You read instructions and voila! You have food.  I’d say that following a recipe or reading a simple blog post are things that can be readily perceived.

Another way to put it:

(v) To make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly

Ex: He manifested his approval with a hearty laugh.

Well, a recipe is quite obvious is it not? Don’t I, or the people I feature, “make clear” and “evident” what goes into making a recipe? In non-recipe posts, I would hope that my writing is directional with a “clear” and “evident” focus; ok so I ramble sometimes, it’s part of my charm 😉


I hope that clarifies things somewhat. I also hope it helps you question what you’re reading, writing. listening to, and watching; there is hardly ever a single interpretation for something.

In other news, I am about to start production on my newest short film project over the summer. I will do my best to keep up with this as well as I have been, but I am also starting my new job this week (yayyyy!!) writing blog posts for this amazing coffee of the month club called Atlas Coffee Club. I am so excited to start working with these guys.

The future is looking brighter and brighter!


I don’t think I could end on a more positive note so…


As always…


I’ll see you at the dinner table.

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