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I’ve Gone Keto

Hello all,

Those of you following The Manifest Recipe’s Twitter page already know that I’ve decided to try the Keto Diet.

I started this counter-intuitive, yet highly successful, high fat diet yesterday with a hearty breakfast scramble consisting of Scrambled Eggs (from Diet Doctor), applewood smoked bacon, and chicken sausage.


Now this is a diet I can get behind!

Why Keto?

I’ve tried other diets like juicing, starving myself (you know the ones), and Paleo. I was most successful with Paleo, and still cook mostly Paleo dinners at home, but never could stick to one particular diet. I have been immensely frustrated over the years.

Lately, a lot of my friends have started the Keto diet to get in better shape for various reasons and have been largely successful. I’d never heard of this diet until I saw two of these friends recently- looking AMAZING- and it’s inspired me to try it.

What is Keto? 

The Keto Diet is named after Ketosis. Ketosis is the completely normal state your body goes into when it needs to process fats.

However, it is wise to note that this diet won’t be for everyone. Based on the article linked above:

The ketogenic diet could have a healthful effect on serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

This is because you’re basically re-wiring your body to accept different kinds of fats (and eating 70% fat!). The key to success in this diet is the absence of carbs and sugars. You know what this means…no pasta, no bread, no ice cream, no rice, no mashed potatoes- the list goes on. It’s like Bubba droning on and on in Forrest Gump except it’s all the things you shouldn’t eat (but want to).

One of my best friends had a good way of putting it: “If it’s white and fluffy, there’s a good chance it’ll make you white and fluffy”. Those are the dreaded delicious carbs.

The idea behind the Keto diet is that by replacing carbs, a high-fat diet will make fat the fuel source. This diet encourages you to slap on the butter while eating all the bacon and cheese. In fact, one of the ways to “beat” the Keto Flu (see below) is to eat more fat.

See what I mean? Counter-intuitive. Eating fat to lose weight?

I tell you, Vizzini…it is not. There are many many testimonies praising this diet, including people in my personal life telling me they’ve never felt better. And lemme tell you, they’ve never looked better either!

The Dreaded “Keto Flu”

That being said, this diet (like most diets) takes some getting used to. In order to reach full Ketosis, many people report going through the “Keto Flu” where they experience flu-like symptoms as their body makes the transition from carb to fat energy.

Symptoms include: fatigue, headaches, cough, sniffles, irritability, and nausea

I have experienced fatigue and headaches to some degree already- I went to bed at 9pm last night because I felt so zapped. If you experience symptoms, or just want to know more about it, here is a helpful article about the Keto Flu from Tasteaholics. It seems staying hydrated is key.

First Keto Dinner

Any diet that allows me to eat something like Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon from Caveman Keto on a daily basis is a diet I will follow. It doesn’t get any better than bacon-wrapped steak, amirite?

Caveman Keto’s recipe calls for Bleu Cheese (for the butter), but I opted for Feta instead. It turned out great!

This recipe yielded such a savory, perfectly cooked, tender filet. It will definitely be my friend while I am eating Keto!

So Far, So Good

This post marks the morning after my first day of eating 100% Keto. In other words, Day 2.

I am excited to say that I can already feel the benefits of this diet!

I’ve never been that person who pops out of bed, ready to take on the day, for example.

Like most people, getting me out from the coziness that is my bed goes more like this:

However, I am happy to say that this morning I woke up with more energy than normal! I wasn’t angry about being awake (this often happens- I love sleeping). I am more ready to take on the day than ever! This can only get better- like I said, this is only the second day. I am finally optimistic about achieving my weight loss goals!

Allll That Being Said…

As awesome as I think this diet is, I know it’s not going to be for everyone. I won’t only be posting Keto related stuff, don’t worry. BUT, the recipe posts- where I actually make the food- will be largely Keto while I am doing this. Food & Culture posts will focus elsewhere to keep things interesting and diverse. Stay tuned for the next one, coming this Monday! Here’s the last Food & Culture post to keep you entertained until then. 😉

If any of you have Keto recipes you would like featured on the blog, just send me an email at fluffycheffy88@gmail.com or comment directly on this post. I am new to this and would love any suggestions!

Ok, that’s all for me for now.

As always…

I’ll see you at the dinner table.

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