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A Tasty Glimpse of Korea

Hello all, Cait here. Ready for a new recipe?


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This week we’re traveling to the fascinating land of Korea with a Korean Beef recipe from Damn Delicious that you can make in the crockpot! In about 7-8 hours, you’ll have the most flavorful tender beef; serve over rice or vegetables for a scrumptious meal.

Personally, I only know a little about Korean culture. My family hosted an exchange student from South Korea in the early-mid 2000s; he is now considered part of the family (What up Soomin?! Miss youuu!).

I remember him teaching us all about Korean culture.

One of my favorite family memories is my sister, stepmom, and grandma watching a 12-hour popular Korean soap opera that Soomin had given us called Winter Love Song.

While watching, my family and I marveled at how many times and ways the characters apologized to each other (it is an extremely polite culture)- we sometimes just start a train of apologies if one of us apologizes; it’s given us some laughs over the years. Give it a watch if you like the melodrama that is a soap opera, it is chock full of it (and a lot of fun). I think we watched it all in 1 1/2 days.

A Lesson in Korean Manners, Brought to You by The Manifest Recipe

Doing a little research, I really appreciate the hospitality and respect apparent in Korean culture; it embraces the spirit I want surrounding The Manifest Recipe (and the way I live my life). For example, did you know that it’s customary to bring your host a gift if you’ve been invited to their home? Surely you’ve brought wine over to a dinner party before, but have you every time? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. But, by always giving your host a gift (it doesn’t have to be big!), you are showing them a courtesy- just as they are showing you by allowing you in their home.

Note that there are strict table manners in place such as letting the eldest member of the party eat first or using your chopsticks (or eating utensil) to gesture. So, be sure to brush up on your table manners before attending any Korean dinner parties.


I sadly wasn’t around if any food knowledge was taught to my family, so I was curious after reminiscing about watching Winter Love Song. I came across this recipe again on the time waster that is Pinterest (see you in 3 days). The blog it comes from, Damn Delicious, has some serious followers and some other damn good looking recipes if you want any further inspiration.

I decided to make this as a venture into Korean culture and style of cooking because I needed to develop Korean flavor profiles as part of my future food venture. Let me tell you that it does not disappoint!

That’s all I got for now. As always…

I’ll see you at the dinner table.

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