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[Food & Culture] Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I thought I would take this opportunity to celebrate mothers with a new Food & Culture post…

Cel-e-brate Good Moms, Come on!

Today, take the time to celebrate the special moms in your lives. They’ve had to put up with some stuff.

Yesterday, I had Mother’s Day lunch with my mom:

We always reminiscence through stories from the past which often include my insane childhood antics; this repetoire includes stories like me breaking a heel bone after jumping off a second story balcony cause my babysitter told me I’d be fine. He was really convincing, you guys…

And while I already carry an immense appreciation for the sacrifices, patience, and humility it takes to be a parent, through hearing these stories (and remembering back on them myself as an adult), it really does take a special kind of person to be a Mother. It is definitely a role worth honoring.

I’m Not Mommie Dearest

I haven’t completely ruled it out, but I might be one of those women who never has kids. Don’t get me wrong- I love kids. I like being the “cool Aunt” figure to my friends’ kids, have been a summer camp counselor more than once, but I’ve never had that want- that innate desire to be a Mother. My friends who have children talk about this feeling.

Not harboring this feeling, I thought it unfair to my hypothetical child. So, I decided a long time ago that I’d rather wait until that feeling happens. If my biological clock has stopped ticking or whatever when the feeling comes, there’s always adoption. If it doesn’t happen, I am available to all my friends’ kids as cool “Auntie Cait”.

It’ll happen if it’s supposed to. Life is funny like that.


This is an homage to all the mothers out there- I applaud you for all that you do and have done.

A Brief Mother’s Day History Lesson

The earliest resemblance of celebrating motherhood is present in Ancient Grecian history, where the Greeks would honor Rhea, “the mother of many deities”-

– and made offerings to Cybele, the “Great Mother of Gods”.

Later, Christians celebrated the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

Mother’s Day, a Modern Holiday

Do you know how Mother’s Day came to be an officially celebrated holiday?

In the U.S., the national celebration of mothers came into being thanks to the arduous work of Anna Jarvis, a grieving daughter whose sole purpose became honoring her recently deceased Mother. You see, it was Anna’s mother’s fervent wish that “someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother’s day. There are many days for men, but none for mothers.”; and it became her grief-stricken daughter’s duty to make sure her mother’s wish was granted.

Jarvis campaigned for several years- with many states in the Union already unofficially celebrating the holiday by 1911- until finally the holiday was nationally recognized when President Woodrow Wilson signed the executive bill in 1914 which declared Mother’s Day be celebrated annually on the 2nd Sunday of May.

Cook for Mom (for once)

Researching popular Mother’s Day recipes, Paella was a popular result. Impress Mom with this tasty looking Paella recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, The Mediterranean Dish– all you need is a large cast iron skillet! This recipe calls for lobster, but if you don’t have lobster money just sub your favorite seafood or meat (shrimp and chicken are often used as protein in this dish). The cool thing about Paella is that it’s meant to be a versatile dish- it encourages the maker to use their imagination. See this article for a base recipe that will help send you on your way to making your own custom Paella for Mom; see if you can’t incorporate an ingredient she loves or has special meaning.

Wake Mom up right with breakfast (or brunch) in bed! French Toast is the perfect breakfast-in-bed food. Here is a delectable recipe from add a pinch that Mom is sure to love! Serve this dish up hot with a side of eggs and bacon, all drizzled with warm maple syrup (complete with a delicious mimosa, mind you) and Mom is guaranteed to have a smile on her face all day long.

In the End…

It doesn’t matter what you do for Mom, she will just love seeing you and spending time with you.

But you should do what you can to make the day special in whatever way that means to you and your family. Camp out at home, fire up the grill, and just let Mom take a load off; take her to her favorite restaurant; or do one of her favorite activities. Get creative, make it personal.

For those who are without mothers today, I’m sorry for your loss; I lost my Aunt, who was like a Mother to me, a few years ago very suddenly due to the monster that is breast cancer. But, take heart and remember that their memory lives on through their survivors. Honor our lost mothers and Mother figures today (and everyday) by remembering them- by living a life they would be proud of- and they will be with us.

Happy Mother’s Day and as always…

I’ll see you at the dinner table.

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